In an ever-more globalised world multilingualism is a precious resource. Today around 16 million people with a migrant background live in Germany; every fifth person is part of a migrant family (Statistisches Bundesamt 2013 Statistics German public office). For many children with a migrant background it is natural and obvious to grow up multilingually. Multilingualism should enjoy much more social and political recognition instead of being a forgotten resource. Over the years, our organisation has built up significant expertise in this field and published many documents and carried out numerous projects on multilingualism. On this page you will find some examples of our publications and projects

Multilingualism is an advantage


To live bilingually or multilingually in a monolingual environment does not develop by itself. Multilingual individuals must learn to cultivate their language so that it becomes an accessible advantage. Our organisation is therefore committed to the acceptance of multilingualism by society and the promotion of different family languages.

Multilingualism – an overview


Berkay likes going to kindergarten. There he can play, build things and laugh with other kids. What he likes best is when Dad has time to take him to kindergarten. Today is one of these great days. The sun is shining, Dad is holding his hand and he can already see the roof of the Kindergarten. “Looking forward to your day?” Dad asks in Turkish. Turkish is their family language which they enjoy speaking at home and during family reunions. Berkay’s body tightens and he murmurs to his dad “Baba, don’t talk Turkish to me here. The teacher doesn’t like hearing foreign languages”.is ashamed of his family language because German seems to be of much greater value than other languages.


Der Verband macht sich stark für die Anerkennung und Förderung von Mehrsprachigkeit in Familien, KITAS, Schulen und öffentlichen Institutionen. Für ein offenes, vielsprachiges Deutschland!

Our organisation fights for the recognition and promotion of multilingualism in families, in childcare facilities, schools and public institutions. For an open-minded and multilingual Germany!